Benefits of subscribing to Computers in Classrooms

Benefits of subscribing to the Computers in Classrooms newsletter:


"I don't know what possessed me to link to your newsletter, Terry, but you have captured, in the sample issue sent to me, what seems to be the "top ten" list of significant educational issues and boiled them down into - "manageable undertakings?!" Don't let the teaching colleges find out about this, or they will run you out of town.

Thank you for an incredible resource. I learned so much in such a succint manner, and had my faith remewed in "pragmatism" all at the same time!" Kat, School District Supervisor, USA



* practical advice on teaching ICT

* useful tips on using ICT in the curriculum

* guidance on using ICT to reduce the burden of administration

* handy quick tips on getting the most out of standard software

* written by someone with experience of ICT in the classroom (see )

* product reviews

* the chance to review products

* occasional competitions and prize draws

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